Ananas Athena - Woven Wrap - Size 6



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Ananas Athena' Tula woven celebrates a bold and free style! 'Ananas' Athena has a hip pineapple design that is set against a technicolor gradient making a playfully bright woven. With just a short time or wearing, this all cotton Tula woven will become soft, moldable, and easily adjustable. 'Ananas' Athena will have a fluid drape and soft support ideal for wrappers of all skill levels and comfortably support newborns up to growing toddlers.

Soft and supportive fabric woven from 100% cotton

Medium weight wrap (263 GSM)


Tula Wovens are woven wraps specifically designed and woven for Tula. Known for their versatility and support, a woven wrap is a piece of soft fabric that can be used to safely wear your child in a variety of front, back, and hip positions.

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