Rosie's Petals Program

We Love Our Customers!

We appreciate your loyalty to our shop and we want to create a better shopping experience for you.  Our Rosie's Petals Program helps you save money many different ways.

1. Create an account with us and earn 200 rose petals! ($10)

Once your account is open, you will be able to track and use your petals as you make purchases and through the other earning methods.


2.  Earn petals by:

Sharing us on Facebook (50 rose petals)

Having a Birthday (200 rose petals)

Everyday Purchases (1 rose petal earned per dollar spent)


3.  We also have a referral program!

Under your account, you will notice a referral link.  This link can be shared by you to a new customer.  The new customer will copy and paste it into their web bar giving them access into the site while being connected to your account.  Once they make a purchase, they will be awarded 10% off that original purchase and your account will be awarded a credit for $10 off!


Rose Petal Check Points:

100 Petals (minimum to cash out) - $5

200 Petals - $10

500 Petals - $25

1000 Petals - $50

1500 Petals - $75

2000 Petals - $100

Get started with your savings today and earn those petals!

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