Cloth Diapering 101

If you're new to cloth diapering, it may be overwhelming to choose a style or know how to use it.  Here is a quick crash course on the different styles and their benefits:

1.  Pocket Diapers (aka all-in-two)

Pocket diapers consist of a waterproof pul cover that is attached to a thin liner to go against baby's skin.  There is no absorbency in the pul and liner itself.  One end of the diaper has an opening where you will be able to slide the insert of your choice to absorb baby's mess.  Inserts come in various absorbency levels in materials like cotton (normal), micro fiber (strong), and bamboo (strong).

Pocket diapers are great for parents who like to customize their absorbency based on activity or length of wear.


2.  All-in-One Diapers

All-in-one diapers also have the pul and liner combined though they go one step further in combining the inserts to create a one-piece cloth diapering system.  No inserts are needed for all-in-one diapers, though some brands provide a pocket under the sewn in layers if you would like to add more layers than are provided.  Newborn diapers are typically all-in-one.

All-in-one diapers are the most convenient way to cloth diaper since they give the parent minimal pieces to wash and hang, and they are virtually "no assembly required" diapers.


3.  Diaper Covers

Diaper covers come in a variety of styles all by themselves.  All diaper covers consist of waterproof pul only.  Some are made to create a waterproof cover for a cloth diaper that models the old-fashioned style with which you typically relate cloth diapering.  There are also styles that have flaps where the parent can slide the ends of an insert in to hold it in place in the cover.  Finally, there are covers that have inner snaps where a compatible insert gets snapped into place inside the cover.

Diaper covers are the most affordable way to cloth diaper because the same cover can be used all day unless the diaper is soiled.  The cloth part of the diaper can be removed after each diaper change, the pul wiped clean, and a new cloth placed in.


4.  One-Size Diapers

Most cloth diapers are one-size, meaning they have snaps to adjust both length and width, allowing the diaper to grow with your baby until potty-training.  This means you are able to buy diapers ONCE and reuse them until baby is out of diapers.


5.  Sized Diapers

Some diapers come in newborn size, providing a smaller fit for new babies.  Others come in actual small, medium, and large sizes.



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